Primary Bangla Training Manual Download 2023 PDF

Under the Fourth Primary Education Development Program PEDP4, a plan has been adopted to organize six days subject-based Bangla training at URC/TRC in the financial year 2022-23 and for this purpose, necessary funds have already been released in its favor.

Subject based Bangla training 2023

It is requested to conduct the training properly by following the instructions given below for the implementation of subject based (Bangla) training program.

The said training should start from 11th April 2023. If there is any special reason to change the time, it should be informed to the training department and take prior permission. Weekend training will continue on Friday and Saturday. Training will be closed only on the holidays fixed by the government.

New Bangla Teacher Training Manual 2023

In 2022-23, the training should be conducted using the newly prepared subject-based Bangla teacher training manual. A master trainer trained on this aide will conduct the math training. The training will be conducted in the light of the subject wise Bangla training manual and training schedule provided by the training department. URC/TRC Instructors/Instructors-in-Charge shall collect the necessary materials for conducting the training before the commencement of the training and deliver them on the scheduled day.

Bangla Training Schedule

Training will be conducted daily from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Trainees must ensure attendance at the training venue by 8:30 am following hygiene rules.

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Teachers Nomination

  • The Upazila/Thana Education Officer will nominate the batchwise teacher in coordination with the URC/TRC Instructor-in-Charge for participating in the training, mentioning the teacher’s name, designation and other information.
  • Upazila Education Officer and URC Instructor will prohibit the entry of information of teachers and trainers related to PEMIS software subject-based Bangla training as per rules.
  • Any problem related to data entry can be contacted with the MID Division of the Directorate of Primary Education (e-mail
  • The Bangla training will be conducted by a completely new manual. Therefore, in the case of nomination of trainees, every government primary school teacher will be covered under this training.
  • Two teachers from each government primary school will receive training in Bangla.
  • In case of first teacher selection, Upazila/Thana Education Officer will compulsorily nominate a teacher who teaches Bangla in class I/II. If each school fulfills the quota of one person, in the case of second teacher nomination, a teacher who teaches Bangla in class III/V may be nominated.
  • No more than one teacher can be nominated in the same batch from one school. However, after the completion of the training of one teacher from each school in the upazila, a second teacher must be nominated.
  • The age of the trainee should be below 55 years. 30 teachers per batch will participate in the training. In no case a teacher can attend the said training more than once.

Bangla Training Manual 2023 PDF

To download subject wise new Bangla training manual enter the link given below-


Primary Bangla Training Manual Download 2023

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