How To Check NID Card Online 2023

NID Card Check is very important nowadays. By Check NID, it is known whether the NID Card is genuine or fake. Nowadays with the help of technology it is very easy to make fake NID Cards exactly like the original NID Card. The only way to verify this is NID Card Check or NID Card Check.

You can know all the details related to NID Card checking from our article. Check it by any means. Why is it necessary to check etc. Our website publishes regular articles on Voter Information (Voter Tottho). So you can rest assured that you will get the correct information from this article.

Check NID Card Online 2023

The main requirement to check it is to verify whether it is genuine or not. Advances in technology have made it possible to create fake NID Cards that look exactly like the original NID Cards. Fake NID Cards can be generated but it is not possible to keep fake NID Card information in an online database. So it is possible to know whether it is genuine or not only by online checking.

Besides, there may be many other requirements that need to be checked. In this article I will show you the process of checking in this process, you will be able to see the picture, father’s name and mother’s name.

Check NID

What is required to check NID Card?

Not much information is required for NID Card checking. If the original ID card is with you, you can check it through the information there. All that is required to check it –

NID Card Number: You will see a number on the NID Card. It is a 10 digit number. This number is called NID Card Number. This number will be required to check the ID card.

Date of Birth: In addition to NID Card number, the other information required is the date of birth. You will get the date of birth written on the NID Card.

If you have these two details, you can easily check the NID Card. Now let’s know how to check it.

NID Card Check 

To check NID Card first you need to visit the voter information verification page/ website. Page link – After visiting the page click on the next step button with mobile number, national identity card and date of birth and the checking result of your provided NID Card will come. This way you can easily check it.

Now let’s know the step by step process in detail.

Step 1: Visit the NID Card Check website or page

First we have to visit the Nid Card Check/ Jachai website or page. Link to in-build ID card checking page in our system – and link to external website – Visit either of these two links first.

Step 2: Enter the required information

Enter required information to check NID Card. After visiting the website or page you will see a form like the above screenshot. In this form you have to give your mobile number, ID card number and date of birth of the ID card you want to check. Fill these details correctly.

Step 3: Check ID card by clicking next button

After entering all the information correctly, recheck the information once. Then click the next step button and wait for a while. After waiting for a while, all the necessary information of that ID card will come in front of you along with the picture.

That is, you can check the NID Card with a photo in this method shown by us. Now match the information of the check copy with the original copy. If the ID card information does not come even after giving the correct information, then understand that this ID card is not genuine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to check an old NID Card?

A: You can check any NID Card, new, old by following the method shown in this article.

Q: Which is the website to check NID Card?

A: Website to check or verify NID Card is – It is hosted on our own servers.

Q: What is required to check NID Card?

A: Only ID card number and date of birth are required to check it.


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