Walmart Neighborhood Market: Small channels, big impact

Walmart's Neighborhood Markets are part of its strategy to maintain its retail dominance, which is scheduled to open more than 500 stores by 2016.

These stores primarily offer fresh food and produce, with a pharmacy and other types of non-food household and personal care items available.

The La Mesa store, located in a convenience store near Ralphs, has a large selection of soy milks at lower prices than its competitor.

Despite being only a block away from a typical Walmart, the Neighborhood Market is small but has a fresh, clean, bright feel with lots of open space.

Neighborhood Markets are less busy than Walmart's other stores, Walmart doesn't seem to care because small-store design is a key driver of growth.

Neighborhood markets achieved a 5% growth rate in the first half of 2012, double that of Wal-Mart in the U.S., which generated sales of more than $10 billion.

With a bright green sign and eye-catching photography, Walmart Neighborhood Market may be winning the battle against its competitors.

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