Son Tung M-TP Returns with New Song 'Making My Way'

"Son Tung M-TP wants to go straight to the hearts of his audience after a year of silence.

The audio version of his song "Making My Way" has been released on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Tidal.

In this comeback, a series of promotional clips for "Making My Way" have been created by the artist himself, bringing impressive interaction and engagement rates,

consistently appearing on the trending charts. This proves that the appeal of the Son Tung M-TP brand has never waned.

Son Tung M-TP shared the reason for making a music video for "Making My Way": "I really want to change the way I bring music to the audience.

I want everyone to truly immerse themselves in the music and enjoy what we have together." "Making My Way" has a catchy melody and profound lyrics.

This song has great significance as the melody makes him forget all the things that haven't gone well in his life, reminding himself to do.

whatever his heart tells him and go wherever the music leads. "That's why I truly hope this song will also find a way straight to your heart!" the male singer revealed.

"After the audio version, there will definitely be an MV, but the release date is still unclear and depends on the support from everyone.

Following "Making my way" will be a heavy, profound, and emotional song, but still very lively..." - Son Tung M-TP revealed further."