Apex Legends Arsenal: Trailer, Release Date and Details

Apex Legends Arsenal is coming with New Legends and several updates like Firing Range, Ranked Play, World's Edge and new Weapon Mastery.

It is a firearms powerhouse used to dominate the battlefield, disable enemies and strengthen allies.

New Legend Ballistic

Season 13's changes to Ranked Play will be added to Season 17, including making rank climbing easier.

Ranked Play Update

A new progression will be added to encourage players to constantly use certain weapons

Weapon Mastery

Season 17 will see an update to the firing range, even moving to a new location.

Firing Range

Like every new season, this one also allows players to complete daily and weekly challenges to earn legendary skins, reactive weapon skills, and rewards.

New Battle Pass

Apex Legends has a diverse cast of 23 characters, divided into 5 classes.

Apex Legends Cast

Apex Legends Arsenal Season 17 official trailer released on April 26th, 2023. And available to watch on the Apex Legends YouTube channel.

Apex Legends Arsenal Trailer

Apex Legends Arsenal Season 17 is set for release on May 9th, 2023.

Apex Legends Arsenal Release Date

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